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Lesco fertilizer is a brand of fertilizers and lawn care products that provide the highest quality ingredients in a slow release from to provide better nutrition for lawns. A beautiful and healthy lawn for your home or business begins with applying the right type of Lesco fertilizer. Starting in early spring and using regular applications throughout the summer and fall assures that your lawn will stay a lush vibrant green, will remain weed free and develop a deep healthy root system from which to take in the nutrients it needs to maintain its beauty.

Most lawn fertilizers are developed to promote quick greening of your lawn. They are loaded with nitrogen which also promotes rapid lawn growth. Your lawn feasts on the quick release of nutrients within the fertilizer and then goes into a state of famine where there are virtually no nutrients left in the ground fertilizer to be released to help continuously feed your lawn.

Lesco fertilizers take a different approach to feeding your lawn and keeping it healthy. Lesco fertilizers have been developed to release the nutrients within over a period of time and to constantly provide a source of energy to your lawn. Using this slow and continuous release, your lawn is constantly supplied with what it needs to maintain its good health and to provide you with a lawn of beauty. Your lawn will never go through the cycles of feast or famine when you apply professional grade Lesco fertilizer to your lawn.

Metro Automated Sprinklers uses Lesco brand fertilizers and we can schedule your property for a season long application program of commercial grade Lesco fertilizer or Lesco lawn fertilizers. If you want a lawn that rivals golf course quality and beauty, give us a call at 248-473-7485. Generally one business day advance notice will be required for Lesco fertilizer pick up at our Livonia, Michigan facilities. If you are ordering a season long Lesco Fertilizer Program we will deliver your Lesco lawn fertilizer right to your home or business. Again, at least one business day notice will be required for delivery and there will be a small delivery fee within the metro Detroit area of southeast Michigan.

Want a lawn that looks great but do not want to do it yourself? We offer complete lawn care services in metro Detroit. Let our expert specialists install or repair your lawn irrigation system, perform your season long lawn fertilization along with expert lawn cutting and maintenance services.

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19-0-6 Lesco Fertilizer with Dimension
Manufactured by: Lesco
Model: 19-0-6
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